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Favorite team:LSU 
Location:Baghdad On The Bayou
Biography:LSU Junkie
Interests:Football, football, football, basketball,baseball
Occupation:Following the Tigahs
Number of Posts:7235
Registered on:10/2/2004
Online Status:Not Online

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re: Why Are So Many of the Greatest Coaches from Michigan/ Ohio? - Touchdowns4LSU
I always thought the very best coaches were from Arkansas. Bear Bryant Tommy Tuberbille Barry Switzer and a few others I have forgotten about. ...
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re: Does it bother you Fla. watching Urban take the buckeyes to the first Playoff - Touchdowns4LSU
Urban got to move to a football hotbed that doesn't have two major programs in the same state competing for blue chips. Say what we will about yankees but tOSU is SEC football at it's best....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: James Carville 2008 Rose Bowl rant - Touchdowns4LSU
I saw and heard him live and I couldn't agree with him more. Yes, I'd love to play in the Rose Bowl but he was on target. No matter how you slice it the TV networks will always defer because of tradition. The Sugar Bowl was torn down. The Orange bowl was too. The Cotton Bowl was moved from ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: New Orleans Bowl ticket sales "sluggish"; what gives? - Touchdowns4LSU
ULL brought respect to the bowl. I think this fourth repeat is boring. I don't blame them. I read somewhere that the B1G is trying to eliminate "bowl fatigue" by shuffling their teams among the Florida bowls. The CFP has also cheapened the bowls. I don't blame anyone who has to pay $100 fo...
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re: Big XII expanding? - Touchdowns4LSU
[quote]UH just built a new stadium and geographically it makes sense. [/quote]And it was empty most of the season. The same reason they were left out of the Big12. The state of Texas is so huge they cannot get a geographical team in the Big 12. OU, OSU, UT, aggy, Arkie and LSU would be a ...
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re: Rank the Rivalry Games (final week of college football) - Touchdowns4LSU
[quote]Stanford UCLA is not a rivalry. UCLA/USC on the other hand would be top 3 on that list. It's crazy how one game can capture the attention of a city of 5 million. [/quote]Yeah, so hot that they couldn't even fill the Rose Bowl for this game this year in an area of 15 million people. Gi...
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re: Why didn't the Big 12 add SMU and Houston? - Touchdowns4LSU
SMU might draw 5000 to a game on a good day and UH might draw 30,000 if they were 10-0 and faced the number one team in the nation at home. Dallas and Houston sold their souls to the Pros a long time ago. That ship sailed around 1965....
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re: Obama is flapping his gums again about Ferguson - Touchdowns4LSU
He visits every flood and disaster but yet he wouldn't show up in Fergy. I'd have imagined if the U.S. Army and Secret Service were there to protect him as as pleaded with the rioters we wouldn't have had the disaster. If I were a shop owner that lost my business I'd beg my lawyer to find a way ...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: turning point on miles - Touchdowns4LSU
[quote]1/9/12 fricking this!!!!![/quote] Absolutely. The charm and candor of Les became one of stubborn and unwilling to do what was necessary. It affects our program to this day since that night....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Our fans vs. Arkansas - Touchdowns4LSU
[quote]Our fans vs. Arkansas Arkansas fans literally do not have much else to root for. UofA is the only major university in the state and there are not any pro teams in any sport. All their eggs are in the Razorback basket.[/quote]I'd agree with you but the Saints are shitty too! We have no e...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: The saints fan who snagged the ball from the Cincy fan - Touchdowns4LSU
I've been to most places in the world and for someone in Las Vegas to say anywhere is fricked up is fricking stupid. :banghead:...
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re: We are beating bama - Touchdowns4LSU
1 - TS crowd has never bothered bama to much in history 2 - We are not going to run on bama like we did Ole Piss 3 - Inexperienced QB for LSU will be a problem Other then that it should be fun but bama is a much more balanced team then LSU so far this year. Their biggest weakness is their sp...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Ole Miss Girlfriend HATES LSU. MUST WATCH!!! - Touchdowns4LSU
She has to be a Finebaum caller. Maybe Phyllis ?...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Any gifs yet of the ole miss lady drying her tears w/hankey? - Touchdowns4LSU
Let it go man. All of us have been there before. At least she came and supported her team and wasn't drunk....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Defensive games are more exciting - Touchdowns4LSU
Totally agree. If you're stuck in Texas you have to watch this TCU/Baylor shite that is a beautiful game until you see their defenses. That was a typical ole style Tiger D last night especially stuffing Ole Piss on 4th down. Beautiful. I'm pretty sure I remember a game where LSU made only 2...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: How can LSU get rid of its trashy fans? - Touchdowns4LSU
[quote]I just don't understand spend hundreds of dollars buying tickets, and then leave before the third quarter.[/quote] Probably most of those didn't spend hundreds of dollars. They are season ticket holders who never show up, sell their tickets to pay the outrageous cost of ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Our fans... - Touchdowns4LSU
Back in the day you had no idea who else won or lost until the newspaper came out on Sunday morning. All that mattered was the Tigers. Today you can see virtually every game and every fan antic in America and we emulate. It is no longer even about the Conference Title but just the four team wan...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Just Not Fun Anymore - Touchdowns4LSU
The most concerning thing to me was the way we lost the LOS on both O and D to State and then have us turn around and almost win the game. Is State really that good or did we just lay an egg? I have no problem with State winning the SEC but you know they won't. Their history is against them. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Does Saturday Down South hate LSU? :) - Touchdowns4LSU
Everyone hates LSU including those on Tiger Rant ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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