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Favorite team:LSU 
Location:new orleans
Biography:one love
Interests:all sports
Occupation:to rebuild new orleans
Number of Posts:436
Registered on:1/16/2008
Online Status:Not Online

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re: Would you trade Brees for Luck? - beachtiger777
I have been watching the Saints since I was a kid so that's over 30 years of mostly bad football,once the best football player in SAINTS history signed with us it's been the best football of my life so there is no way in hell I trade him for any QB in the history of the NFL much less Andrew freaking...
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re: Would you prefer Asik or Monroe next to AD? - beachtiger777
Monroe,how can you not give slight edge on homegrown......
Posted on Pelicans Talk
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re: Greg Monroe rumor - beachtiger777
Im not really sure people will want ryno with the bad injury he took.I much rather keep Gordon if meant keeping ryno the dude is a beast there has to be a way to get rid of Gordon,why and the hell did we even match that dam offer......
Posted on Pelicans Talk
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re: Junior Galette at it on Twitter again - Calls out Bruce Irvin - beachtiger777
A bunch of nerds and old farts on here spell something wrong or don't use proper grammar watch the nerds pop out.If you don't like twitter don't get on it.I have never been on twitter and never will I don't need to follow nothing but money.Then you got the biggest nerd of them all asking why he pain...
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re: I LOVE THE SAINTS! LET'S DO THIS!! - beachtiger777
This is gonna be a great year....WHO DAT :whodat: ...
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re: Rank the top 5 organizations in NFL - beachtiger777
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re: To whom it may concern: - beachtiger777
Just the other day I seen who dat straight bash this girl who was new on here.I mean straight bully type shite.I don't post on here much neither but I read everyday and it blows my mind how some of these people treat the same teams fans.I'm sure I'm going to get bashed on here because that's what som...
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re: Is it possible for RGIV to beat out LMcC? - beachtiger777
Man I hope Griffin and Toon do something I got a ton of there rookie cards.....
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re: Saints signed these guys today. - beachtiger777
Is he white and can he spread good play on the field?...
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re: Kiper Thinks Anthony Barr Could Fall To Us... - beachtiger777
Man y'all have got to stop with this jerking of shite or fapping.i mean come on man it's like 99% men on here and talking about jerking off if saints pick the right male athlete......
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re: Ryno to have surgery - beachtiger777
I had back surgery they fused two disc together with titanium.The nerve pain before surgery was like some body taking a knife to my right leg and stabbing me from lower back to my foot,well 1st the knife was heated up in fire because it felt like a hot arse knife stabbing me.Once I healed from the su...
Posted on Pelicans Talk
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re: Has anyone bought the Coaches Polo with the rubberized LSU across the chest? - beachtiger777
What's this the sissy thread.say since y'all wash cloths so good can y'all wash mine. :violin:Dam it's the shite time of year......
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Spinoff: Why does Aaron Brooks get so much hate? - beachtiger777
I know it was aggravating to watch brooks smile after he screwed up but that is how some people express certain feelings.I know sometimes when I screw up at work the 1st thing I do is smile.But I do have to say he started the Saints on an upward swing was he the best hell no but he did make it to th...
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re: Breakout Defensive 2014 Players - beachtiger777
Kenny (the hitman) vacarro.sry a lil twisted may have spelling wrong... ...
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re: In house F/A's - beachtiger777
Say blues im just your everyday football fan well excuse me your everyday Saints and LSU football fan but you seem perty good at this shite you should go to college and make a living with it.anyway thanks for the answer :cheers:...
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re: In house F/A's - beachtiger777
Thanks,that makes a lot of sense.I was mainly thinking of only f/a's that you drafted.I do believe the team gets to extend the contract of 1st round draft picks which is nice it just sucks that these 2nd contracts of these players get to high for teams to handle then they are shite out of luck and so...
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In house F/A's - beachtiger777
This probably has been talked about already but It seems like the NFL would make it easier for teams to sign in house F/A's.Maybe make it only a % of the contract counts against the salary cap.It just kinda sucks traning these players for years then you can't afford them anymore then they are cut.Im...
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re: NFC South Projected Standings? - beachtiger777
It's really amazing how much younger this team has become and there all very good young seems like yesterday we were old and slow.also our schedule is wayyy easier then last year.I'm really impressed how the front office has changed the age of there core still blown away at our ...
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re: Lafell to patriots - beachtiger777
Have no clue why they let go of that short midget(smith)..He must not have wanted to take a pay cut.Almost a guarantee they go receiver in the draft. :lol:...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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