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Remember this from Monday? Well, according to, the Alabama fan who hung the above flag on the renovations site at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field was not only part of the construction crew, but was also fired for his actions...

“Until this weekend an Alabama fan was a crane operator working on the renovations to Texas A&M’s Kyle Field. Then he put an Alabama flag on the side of the stadium. The resulting photo, sent to Outkick the Coverage this morning, according to our tipster got the Bama fan crane operator fired. I suppose this is the latest evidence of when keeping it real goes wrong.”
A bit harsh, no?
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Idiot was also boasting on facebook about sabotaging construction. Better hope he was lying or he may need soap on a rope!
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Loosen up Ags, seriously, and give the dude a couple of weeks off with no pay.
Reply32 months
Just another jobless Bama fan. Move along, nothing to see here.
Reply32 months
Hey Texas A&M! Lighten up Francis.

Seriously why did we let these people in the SEC?
Reply32 months
too much bama in him
Reply32 months
Roll Tide, it was well worth your job to get that glorious banner of CHAMPIONS up on that stadium which can only dream to be as nice as Bryant-Denny.
Reply32 months
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Reply32 months
Dude's gonna have a parade in his honor back in Tuscaloosa.
Reply32 months
Deserved to be fired. Dumb and unprofessional.
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Reply32 months
Consumed-damn you phone!
Reply32 months
Gumps gonna Gump. It's almost like they can't help it; so much kool aid consed within that fanbase.
Reply32 months
Its a massive job and you keep the customer happy. A crane operator should have no interaction with a customer on this scale, yet he made himself visible and possibly annoyed the customer. See ya.
Reply32 months
I am sure there is more to it than the guy hangs a flag and gets fired for it. He is probably a slapdick worker as well.
Reply32 months
while i can agree DD, i find it a tad absurd that it warranted his firing. sure it was potentially unprofessional, but it did not cause any safety issues by doing it and at best should have been good for a chuckle.
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Bama alum and I don't think it's too harsh. It didn't hurt anything but there needs to be a level of professionalism and "knowing your place and where you are and what your building".

I can summarize it this way. You know what fan base I hate the most? My own. The ones that never stepped foot on campus.
Reply32 months
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