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re: Gay marriage proposition


Religious people myself included should be focusing on a 50 percent divorce rate rather than the 2 percent who are trying to get married.

Religious people can do both.

It's called multitasking.

Besides, the union of a man and woman is not easy to maintain especially when children are involved.

It's a lot easier for two people of the same sex to stay together since they have similar perspectives and they don't have to worry about having children.

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re: Gay marriage proposition

My religion (Jewish) does not allow the eating of pork or mixing meat and dairy. Therefore because your religion has the power to make gay marriage illegal, I believe my religion should have the power to make bacon and cheeseburgers illegal.

By that logic, there should be no laws of any sort.

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re: Gay marriage proposition

If you're grossed out by it then that's your personal issue, not a legal issue.

umm dont remember saying this or even implying it. have never been against gay marriage, i really dont care one way or the other, but i also dont think it should be up to the government either way it goes. I say let gays get married then divorced and taken for half of what they got lol..i actually think my wife only married me for benefits

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re: Gay marriage proposition

does not allow the eating of pork

frick that

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