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Unitarianism and America

This is sort of spinoff from the Declaration of Independence thread which was about to degenerate into a Christian Values of the country argument.

I have a serious question about the whole Christian nation thing.

It seems one of the dominant religious movements that inspired the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution in general was Unitarianism, (I know there were plenty of of Trinitarian Protestants and token Catholics and Jews).

So what is the deal with Unitarianism then and now, today most Unitarians seem to engage in multi religious worship, relative moralism, and seem nearly non theistic. Then John Locke who appears to be a Unitarian wrote a whole book on the sanctity of the bible, natural law was foremost in their thinking, and ultimately a number of their leaders would throw up at the moral decay of America. So are there conservative Unitarians today or is this not possible because this idea represents the very definition of the slippery slope. Are there any conservative Unitarians out there? I also realize other mainline Protestant movements have libbed out as well.

I know this is not a religious board, but I feel this is something politically peculiar and speaks to the the Declaration of Independence.

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re: Unitarianism and America

18th and 19th century Unitarianism grew out of New England Puritanism, and the old line Unitarian churches in New England still have that flavor. It's spread far afield since then and picked up other influences.

ETA: the sister of a friend of mine is a Unitarian minister in a small town in Massachusetts. She's a cajun, originally from Lake Charles

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