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re: Andrew Bynum should we???

For EG???? He'll yeah!

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re: Andrew Bynum should we???


If we trade for Bynum then release by Jan 7th. we will save 6 mill dollars. So a Gordon for Bynum trade would allow us to move Gordon's contract to a desperate team. Free up cap room this summer to sign a SF ie Chandler Parsons or Luol Deng. Still have enough money @ the trade deal line to a Larry Sanders trade.

WHy would Cleveland trade Bynum for Gordon??? THey Have Waiters who is putting up identical numbers as Gordon for 25% the cost. They will not acquire Gordon to come of the bench.... not in a hundred year. WILL NOT HAPPEN because they can cut their losses by just releasing him or a trade for a late first or second round 2014/2015

Waiters' profile LINK
Waiters' salary LINK
Gordon's profile LINK
Gordon's salary LINK

If Cleveland waive Bynum NO can claim him before Miami or Los Angeles

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re: Andrew Bynum should we???

Hell no

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re: Andrew Bynum should we???

There has been a lot of noise about Waiters clashing with the coach and Irving. If they aren't interested in Gordon I don't think it's because they like Waiters.

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re: Andrew Bynum should we???

Bynum was talking about retirement 5 games into the season and has been worthless in terms of production.

Waiters isn't getting traded.

Karasev is in the d-league.

This thread was fun. Glad I clicked on the wrong board

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re: Andrew Bynum should we???

If this was pre injury bynum with the Lakers. Then he would be ?the perfect fit to make this pels team legit contenders. But since we don't live in a fantasy world and bynum is about as valuable as a bag of hot Cheetos right now. Hell no

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