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American Ninja Warrior

Anyone watching this? It's on NBC and the obstacle course these guys run is pretty insane.

Kind of fun to watch after a long day of football.

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re: American Ninja Warrior
I prefer the original, but it is nice to see it get the high dollar network television treatment.

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re: American Ninja Warrior
Yep, some good ones have already been eliminated

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re: American Ninja Warrior
I love it.

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re: American Ninja Warrior
I prefer the original Sasuke. I especially liked it when Levi and Brian were still competing over in Japan. Meuweenberg makes this new breed look like scrubs. Just couldn't get that cliffhanger transition, or was it the doorknob obstacle?
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re: American Ninja Warrior
not bad, of course the old Jap show is better..

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re: American Ninja Warrior
Last year the course seemed identical to Japan's. this year they pussified the barrel and the metal spin for stage 2. I hope they don't do the same to stage 3 and 4 just so someone finishes...

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