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Confederations Cup Semifinals predictions

Brazil vs. Uruguay

Spain vs. Italy

I'm hoping for a Brazil/Spain final and an unseating of the greatest team ever assembled.

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re: Confederations Cup Semifinals predictions

Brasil doesn´t do it for me. Uruguay can beat them, if they have a bang up day.

Italy may have the luck of the Italians against Spain. I don´t know why, I´ve got that feeling or worry.

Anyway, Spain had better win, and thrash whoever comes out of Brasil vs. Uruguay.

This is the greatest side of all time, and winning this Confed will shut up everybody. Even that Alzheimered Pelé.

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re: Confederations Cup Semifinals predictions

I just want Balotelli to score a hat trick. Couldn't care less what team wins the whole thing. I just want more Balotelli goals.

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re: Confederations Cup Semifinals predictions

This attack oriented Italy has been fun to watch, but I don't see their D holding up against Spain. Hopefully it's another multi goal affair.

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