Anyone use Learnvest? |

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Anyone use Learnvest?

It seems like mix of a financial planner/tracker/mint type site.

You can pay some $ and I think they try and select a good budget etc. I'm interested in maybe using the site and curious if any of you use the site?

Any other good options?

I feel like I can do it on my own, but maybe want some assurance?

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re: Anyone use Learnvest?

I've used YNAB successfully. I do not use it anymore, but if I had to use anything for budgeting that's what I would use.

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re: Anyone use Learnvest?

I use the free parts for tracking my money and creating a budget. As for as paying money for the financial planner advice, I don't think they have much to offer unless your terrible with money. I find I am better off doing my own research into investing and saving for retirement.

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