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Ragu Chili Mac Commercial

A new commercial for how to make Ragu Chili Mac is just 3 ingredients, ground meat, macaroni noodles, and Ragu spaghetti sauce. LINK

At least the recipe on their web site throws a tablespoon of chili powder in the mix LINK But the new commercial just calls macaroni and meat sauce Chili Mac as if renaming the dish flips the flavor from Italian to Mexican. What is their angle, to make people obsess about Ragu sauce with a commercial that makes no sense?

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re: Ragu Chili Mac Commercial

You want to see what ragu thinks is good eating? Found at your original link:
Meatless tacos that have spaghetti noodles inside them, gross.

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re: Ragu Chili Mac Commercial

plus they use turkey, not beef

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