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Out of State Job Seeking Etiquette

I'm about 1/3 of the way through my educational administration master's and have decided to apply for job postings just for experience, to get my name out there, and for the small chance that someone actually takes a chance and invests in me early on.

Many of the postings I will be applying for, however, are out of state. Obviously, I could spend a lot of money chasing down leads. What's the proper protocol to ensure that neither party is wasting the other's time? Is there a best way to gauge the other side's intent? Is it ok to ask the minimum salary offer before agreeing to an interview?


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re: Out of State Job Seeking Etiquette

Glassdoor the salary and get a ballpark expectation before you pursue.

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re: Out of State Job Seeking Etiquette

I see no harm in asking what they expect to pay for the position. If its lower than what you can agree to, let them know up front so no ones time is wasted if neither of you can be flexible.

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