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NFL Experiance

So lastnight I stated I was taking my son today for a lil suprise. I must admit we both had a blast! I did all the events he did. Everyone was helpful and seemed to be enjoying their time volunteering as much as everyone else. We stayed for 4hrs and the time flew by. Crowds were not long at all so if you have a chance to go.or to bring your kid I recommend it

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re: NFL Experiance
was amazing in 97

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re: NFL Experiance
I was gonna ask if they still did this. I was like 11 when I went in ATL back in 92-93 whenever it was and it was awesome. Good to hear it still is.

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re: NFL Experiance
It looks like a great set up on the local news.

I want to go bad, but don't feel as if I need to get away in the city right now. 4lsu2jr will be here soon..... Very soon.

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re: NFL Experiance
I walked over this evening with 2 buddies and we enjoyed it. We did one of the passing games and kicked field goals. I got just inside the right upright from 30 out. The setup is great. It's tough to go in the memorabilia shop and not buy something though.
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re: NFL Experiance
Was disappointed that they had all the combine workouts except bench press. The 40yd field goal was fun. Some people really are terrible. All that kicking before rugby practice paid off for me to not look like a tard . Lines were manageable tonight. I imagine Saturday will be a madhouse.

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