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Need some opinions.

Looking to defend my title in one league an here is what I'm working with.

I'm looking for my 2 RBs and Flex.

I have at RB Charles, B Brown, Leshoure, Chris Johnson, Ryan Matthews, and D Wilson.

At WR I have Welker Megatron V Jax, Alexander and Colston.

It's a 3 WR league. Starting I have Welker Mega and VJax.

At RB I've got Charles plugged in. But not sure who should be RB2 and Flex.

Any advice? NON PPR and I know the team seams a little loaded but it's 8 teams and the top 3 teams combined for 36-6 throughout the season so it's really 3 loaded teams.

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re: Need some opinions.

I would say:

RB: Charles and Johnson (both great matchups)

Flex: Wilson if Bradshaw is ruled out. If not I would say Alexander or Welker.

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