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Take It All

What are the odds that someone will eventually end up dead after screwing over their opponent/partner in the final round?

I say 50% if this show becomes a hit and goes on for a few seasons.

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Hugo Stiglitz
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re: Take It All

Not going to watch

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re: Take It All

I just clicked here expected a Just the tip meme.


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re: Take It All

The last part of the show is borrowed from a UK show called Golden Balls. It's all about game theory and understanding the prisoner's dilemma.

The best one I saw was when one guy straight up told the other contestant he was gonna choose "steal" so he should pick "split" and he would share the prize with him, otherwise if he picked steal too they would both get nothing. He basically forced the other contestant's hand into choosing split... then he chose split himself.

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re: Take It All

Decided to check this out tonight and I would have whipped that little bastards arse for taking it all after saying he'd keep what he already won. Pretty good game show

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re: Take It All

Yep, don't trust the gays - they don't have their minds right.

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