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silver linings playbook

Anyone seen it yet? Thought it was out nationwide but guess not. When does it hit all theatres?

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re: silver linings playbook

We saw it today. It was excellent. We laughed a lot and got teary eyed. Very serious subject matter ~ mental illness. I highly recommend it. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were great as was De Niro and supporting cast.

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re: silver linings playbook

This movie is fantastic. I love the parallels David O. Russell draws with the structure of the film and the mental illnesses. The whole movie is one manic-depressive mess that actually works. One minute it is depressing, the next hilarious, the next depressing, the next uplifting.

Even the dance was manic-depressive and actually encapsulated the whole film, going from melancholy to rock and roll, then to romantic and balanced.

I thought the acting was great as well, though I'm not certain either of the leads should be nominated for a Golden Globe, as they are.

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re: silver linings playbook

I wish this would've made it to local theaters

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re: silver linings playbook

Best movie I've seen in 2012.

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re: silver linings playbook

I loved it. Great acting and surprisingly humorous. Jennifer Lawrence is about to blow up in Hollywood.

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