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re: New Twilight Movie

This one was primarily shot in Baton Rouge, the snow fight scene was all shot at the Southern Ag Center.

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re: New Twilight Movie

from one critic this morning.this one is so bad, it is a unintentional comedy. The baby CGI is so bad, it is Polar Express bad. Story is complete garbage with holes upon holes onto itself.
Sounds like a future MST3K film

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re: New Twilight Movie

Saw it last night with my gf. Not a huge fan of the twilight movies but they are alright. I would have to say this one is the best of them all and gives a good battle seen ending and also a good fairy tale ending.

On a side note.. SPOILER i guess..??

The producers fricked up THE VERY FIRST SCENE OF THE MOVIE!! In the other shows it has shown where you cant see edward in a mirror but in the very 1st scene bella is awake and finally a vampire and they start making out and you can see the WHOLE THING in the mirror behind them.. How do you let that in to the movie? on the FIRST SCENE!!

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re: New Twilight Movie

I'm sure there are no less than 50 errors/mistakes in this movie.

Whomever said that the cast's career would be over is flat wrong. Pretty sure all of them mailed it in, but every single significant cast member already either had a career before these movies, had side movies during this franchise, and has movies lined up afterwards.

How Dakota Fanning got sucked into this is beyond me, but whatever.

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