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Sara's NOLA - new chef

Article sounded promising/interesting, not living there at the moment and hoping someone will go check out the new deal and see if its just a chef following fads or if there is some legit execution here.



A new menu here, however, is different from what Sara's regulars have come to expect. There's a hanger steak prepared in the style of Korean bulgogi, for instance, and short ribs prepared sous vide (a culinary technique using vacuum packs and very low heat).

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re: Sara's NOLA - new chef

I've never eaten there and tried twice. Just couldn't make it happen. But as far as following fads, sous vide has taken a large step in the last couple of years although it's been around for quite awhile. It's trendy to say it is how you are preparing a dish same as bulgogi which is just marinated grilled meat.

I think people put too much stock in a name. I'd rather just say " I'm slow cooking short ribs and grilling marinated hanger steak."

If he's not following fads in the cooking, he's following fads in the terminology.

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re: Sara's NOLA - new chef

I've probably eaten at Sara's three times over the years. I actually thought it was very decent. I'll probably give it a try with this new guy.

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re: Sara's NOLA - new chef

I just hope they do something with the decor. Last time I was there, it was downright filthy and I just can't get past paying over $25 for an entree to eat on a formica table with no sort of covering.

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