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Pistol storage in a range bag?

I don't have a lot of stuff for my pistol so I was thinking of getting a small range bag to store it all together.

FIREClean bottle, Boresnake, Otis brush set, silicon towel, glasses and ear plugs...and ammo. Figure I could just keep it all in one spot, just worried about the pistol being stored there.

Thinking of something like this Bagmaster one. I have another pistol, but instead I think I'd use the other side for my ears and general storage (brushes + snake), and the mag holders on that side for oil and eyes. I'm worried about rust from the humidity trapped in such a non breathable bag. Make a nice rug when it's open.

Image: http://www.buyholsters.com/files/1871775/uploaded/Bagmaster%20Mini%20Range%20Bag%20Deluxe.jpg

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re: Pistol storage in a range bag?
I like it. My handguns are not stored in holsters or bags. I think if there is any moisture trapped in there, rusting may begin. A good desiccant works wonders though and should be a staple of storage.

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re: Pistol storage in a range bag?
I store mine in this little Plano Gun Guard bag in my nightstand. LINK

Image: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRCc4xvY3koaDriNX_lxoOVZFam0lAJ8UXqGXmQO0auK-kYu0Mv

When I go to the range I put it in an Avery Finisher blind bag. The little one doesn't hold ears or glasses well. And doesn't hold much ammo. LINK

Image: http://media.midwayusa.com/productimages/880x660/primary/113/113502.jpg

Those bags were about $20 each from Bass Pro.
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re: Pistol storage in a range bag?

My handguns are not stored in holsters or bags.

I store my Makarov in the original box, but I am rethinking that as I recently found some surface rust. I'm going to check my Sig, which also rests in its original HSC, and I need to shoot it anyway.

I thought I was out of .45 ACP, but I'm not.

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