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re: is there an 11 day purge

Walk a mile a day and do 10 minutes of chair walls a day. If not sore up it in .5/2 intervals respectively. Lots of Vicks vapor rub. Like someone said up your protein, chicken over beef, and lots of water.

First day skiing do about 30-45 minutes, see how the body feels the next day.

Lots of Vicks vapor rub.
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re: is there an 11 day purge
Start jogging everyday or ride a bike.


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re: is there an 11 day purge
If you're not gonna be doing anything beyond a Blue with moderate moguls or no moguls and moderate powder you should be just fine. Just get a good wax on the skis beforehand.

If you're going Black + all day long expect to be worn out. Take time to recover at lunch and have a beer (or two). Will loosen you up.

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