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re: Romeo Crennel
Only if Crennel is packaged with Dorsey, too.

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re: Romeo Crennel
Now I can agree to this!

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re: Romeo Crennel
He does pretty good if u figure the defense is on the field because the offense he has been on sucks

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re: Romeo Crennel
So I did a little research and I saw that Crennel has had succes as a DC in his first year at KC and NE. The Patriots defense jumped from 17th in 2000 to 6th in Crennel's first year. Kansas City jumped from 29th in 2009, to 11th in Crennel's first year there.

My question is, were these talented defenses with bad DC's before Crennel took over? Or is Crennel really THAT good. I dont see how he could take the crap that is our defensive roster, and turn it into a respectable defense in one year. But it seems like he's done that in the past. I'm very nervous about us choosing now to switch to a 3-4. One reason I'm nervous is we now have to completely start over again. Changing our philosophy could easily lead to another season of terrible defense. We better make sure we bring in the right coaches and personell because if we dont, we could easily be a worse defense than last year.

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re: Romeo Crennel
There is nowhere to go but up. Honestly, how many 3-4 defenses have been bad defenses the last few years

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re: Romeo Crennel

My question is, were these talented defenses with bad DC's before Crennel took over?

He definitely had talent to work with on both teams, esp in NE. But he did do a good job of getting the most of what he had to work with in KC. His defenses seem to play well for him.

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