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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06


Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06

"I remember thinking, wasn't he relieved of his play calling duties with the Gints? WTF?"

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06
As for the Bush drafting... I rememeber jumping out of my chair. I couldnt believe the Texans didn't draft the "once in a decade" player. It sucked for Reg because tere was never a chance for him to live up to what we expected. In the end, it worked out both ways. Reggie was one of my favorite players helped us win a ring, & Mario was solid & is now overpaid in Buffalo.

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06
I was just relieved the Saints weren't leaving New Orleans to be honest. I probably would have stopped watching the NFL for the most part if that were to happen.

the 2005 season sucked so bad, I was just looking forward to the fresh start. Didn't really know much about CSP but he was all in on Drew Brees and I knew our offense was going to be better

I got caught up in the Bush hype too If you look at Sproles and Bush's numbers in their first season as a Saint their receiving numbers are almost the same.

Bush: 88 rec. 742 yds. 2 TD
Sproles: 86 rec. 710 yds. 7 TD

Bush: 155 carries 565 yds. 6 TD
Sproles: 87 carries 603 yds. 2 TD

I just thought that was funny seeing how a lot of people on this board were all like "frick Reggie" when Sproles came here and did pretty much the same thing right off the bat. Just goes to show how much hype Reggie had.

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06
I was just happy that we were doing SOMETHING. Obviously the Haslett years had worn us down pretty damn bad.

I wasnt wow'd by the hire for sure, but the fact that he had an offensive background alone was something I felt was very refreshing.

After so much frustration with defensive minded coaches like Haslett, Ditka, and Mora (Carl fricking Smith still haunts my nightmares ) , I just wanted to see someone focus on the offense for a change.


I was immediately FURIOUS when we signed Brees instead of Culpepper.

I was so damn tired of Aaron Brooks I thought anyone would be an improvement, EXCEPT a 5-11 dude who never had good arm strength to begin with and just got his fricking arm ripped off of his body in January!!!!

Seriously, I just couldn't believe that we would give him so much money after such a terrible injury.

Plus, I was still convinced Saban was a good NFL coach, so when the Dolphins passed I was like "This Payton guy is an idiot!!!!"

Never been so happy to be completely wrong

However, I got PUMPED when we drafted Bush. Was thrilled to get a playmaker like him and thought it was the perfect move for the franchise to generate excitement, especially given the uncertainty regarding New Orleans vs. San Antonio after Katrina. I was immediately energized and bought tickets for the ATL MNF game soon after.

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06
Was neither enthused or dismayed. It was just another "here we go again". Haz 6 yrs before. 3 years of Ditka embarrassment. No playoffs in Moras last years. Just was hoping the right combo would finally hit.

9 coaches were hired that year. Only 3 stand- Payton, McCarthy, and Kubiak. THIS is gonna be a big shakeup year in the NFL as well. Plenty of HC & GM changes. Then a lot of QBs that could be on the move-
Alex Smith
Matt Moore

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06

Will anyone else admit to being happy the Saints got Reggie Bush?
I was extatic when they drafted RB. Dude tore shite up in college. I still remember him having over 500 all-purpose yards in one game. By the middle of '07 I was ready to let him go.

As far as Payton all I knew about him was that Jim Fassel pulled his playcalling duties at one point during his stint with the Giants.

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06

But then iseen a clip when he was coaching at Dallas. Parcells told him we need a touchdown pass then Payton says " thats why im calling the fricking play"


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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06

I didn't know much about him but liked that he was a Parcells guy and coached in the Super Bowl. Definitely thought it was a move in the right direction.
My thoughts exactly. It couldn't be anything but up after 05 any right?

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re: Initial Reaction When Payton Was Hired in 06
at the time, to me anything was better than the haslett/brooks combo.

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