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re: Asik not traded to Boston
I feel like other GMs are both leary of the contract and are more than happy to let Houston deal with the mess they created with their little contract ploy to steal him and Lin away from their teams. Basically, giving them what would be equal value rewards shitty behavior on their part. They got to have the good portion of the contract and then are free of the shite part if they trade him. Let them deal with their own mess and their price will start falling.

ETA - The longer they go without trading him for a steep discount, the larger the discount will need to be. Every game he is with the Rockets makes the cost per game to whoever gets him go up. Hell, it wouldn't be hard to make a chart of it for internet consumption. Are there any bloggers or writers here that would want to share it? I thought I saw a guy that does more general NBA stuff that shares his Pelicans-related stuff here.
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re: Asik not traded to Boston

It could be a last ditch bargaining tactic or it could be they didn't like any of the offers. Speaking of which, would anyone change their mind on the Holiday trade if Philly traded our pick to Houston?

I'm leaning toward "didn't like any of the offers".

The best confirmed offer out there was Bass, Lee, and a 1st of some kind for Asik.

That's far below their asking price to begin with and both have a history with Howard, which isn't necessarily a good thing considering what a whiny douche he is.

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re: Asik not traded to Boston
Another offer was from the Sixers... either Thaddeus Young or Spencer Hawes. No pick.

That was the deal they were looking for... but they wanted a pick in addition to Young. Sixers didn't want to give up a pick.

The Celtics deal was shot down a week ago.
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