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re: Star Trek's Newest Rendition is Definitely Worthy

okay that link was greatness.

The part here spock gave them the list of every bad guy "Oh yeah, find a pair of humpback whales, it'll save you a lot of time later. Oh and when you go to 1930's New York, kill Kirk;s girlfriend or Hitler will win the war"

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re: Star Trek's Newest Rendition is Definitely Worthy
I liked the new ones for what they are with the exception of McCoy. Great actor for the part, and thought he did a great job. I don't like how he doesn't have as much of a role as the older McCoy. Bones should be showcased a little more in my opinion.

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re: Star Trek's Newest Rendition is Definitely Worthy

New day, new generation, fresh new beginnings. Change can be good. I'm looking forward to more.

But really it's not fresh new beginnings. That would be if they went out on limb a bit and actually had new characters instead of falling back on the safety net of name recognition of Kirk, Spock and crew.

I didn't dislike the movie (I only saw the first thus far). I really never gave it much thought after watching it.

But I would really love to see a really well done freshly made movie or series with new crew, new adventures, etc.

I feel the same way about a lot of the comic book reboots. Why tell the Spidey origin story all over again instead of moving on to quality storylines?

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