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re: Internal Auditing Summer Case Study Class

Although a business graduate, I absolutely detested accounting. I needed to fill electives and saw an opportunity to accomplish that while spending my summer in NYC interning with a Fortune 100 company.

Even though I didn't use audit for my career path, the program is priceless as far as lending an opportunity to LSU students to land a nice entry level corporate gig anywhere in the country, an opportunity that the majority of students in the program would not have access or the ability to attain outside of LSUCIA.

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re: Internal Auditing Summer Case Study Class

I am doubtful that people going into internal auditing really have a clue of what it is in the first place.

That describes me to a T when I did it. I didn't really have a clue what it was when I started. I just knew that I had friends that did it the previous year and they were all getting great jobs after they graduated so I figured why not.

That being said, I would recommend it to business majors as a great way to network and line up an internship and possibly a job after graduation. The program set me up to accept a job offer before I graduated and I haven't looked back sense.

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re: Internal Auditing Summer Case Study Class

Agree that there are many students in CIA who overly suck up to Sumners and those are the students that they automatically give A's to.

That is the problem with the program. I know people extremely under qualified for top jobs within the program, that get them because they suck up or become officers or whatever you all do. However, some people do deserve the decent internships they get.

To OP: If you have a good enough GPA, can hold a conversation, then do the fall recruiting. Much better experience and you can actually chose which employer you'd like to end up with.

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re: Internal Auditing Summer Case Study Class

become officers

That is how you get an internship with Coke instead of Cajun Construction. It's sad but true.

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