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re: Why wasn't Laird drafted ??

has laird ever come close to hitting a ball over the fence or even deep to one of the gaps in his career? the only time he seems to get an extra base hit is when he's able to stretch a would-be single into a double based on his speed and agressive baserunning or when he hit a ball down the line. you very rarely ever see him really take a strong cut at the ball. he throws his hands at the ball and tries to find a hole most of the time. that said, he's a great college player and very important for the team, regardless of how well his play will translate at the next level.

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re: Why wasn't Laird drafted ??
Again, I'm talking about bat speed and the ability to hit a fastball
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re: Why wasn't Laird drafted ??
Outfielders in MLB are required to have power, with exception of CF, and have good arms to throw out people running. MLB managers do not start someone in the OF because they can run a 4.5 40. Straight-line speed can be compensated for by a superior jump on the ball.

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