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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class

Chigbu = A&M
Guice = Good chance
Tillery = He gone
DT = Moton and possibly Mack
CB = Sheffield is really high on us

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class

We are 99.9% not getting Tillery, let that one go.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
Chigbu-we don't want at this point
Guice-ours if he doesn't get in trouble
Tillery-we are more in it than you think
DT-not getting Mack and Moton has to have an offer 1st
CB-not buying the Sheffield hype. Not yet

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
Quote-I'm not as optimistic as you on about getting Tillery, but I'd love to be wrong.

I'm with you but at least Tillery committed early and isn't stringing us along. I can respect that. Also, not going to another SEC school is a plus.

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
Before its over will Christian Campbell from Ponchatoula will get a offer and he will accept.

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
wheres donte jackson?

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
Agree just not sure where, S or WR.

I will take another stab since the ither one us certainly outdated now.

Jason Pellerin-might as well stick with it since our only 2 major offers are to kids we aren't getting. Hope its not the Israel kid.

Brossette, Guice, Fournette, Ducre-about what we all expect. Hope we stick with Guice

Johnson, Carlos Strickland, Ferguson, Merritt-a perplexing position because it could end up so many ways. Land Johnson and Strickland and the rest is gravy for me

Jalen Bates-just throwing it out there since he says that's where we're recruiting him. Really have no clue how this position shakes out

Tillery, Magee, Tehuma, Zach Giella, Grant Newsome, Juco-reallyhave not much of a clue. Giella is likely Clemson bound now and Newsome and Tillery are shots in the dark. Confident we will be pleased with our group come February

Washington, Rasool Clemons, Joe Anderson-strong group imo. Not the national clout most want but those guys just aren't out there this year

Milton, Moton-another spot I rrally have no clue on. Think the limited options put us back to the instate kids. Moton sure has gone quiet.

Kevin Henry, at least 1 more-think Henry outgrows S and after him have absolutely no clue.

Toliver, Lewis, Elam-can't do much better imo. Would like Deshawn Raymond as well but have a hard time seeing all 4

Kenneth McGruder, Justin Reid, Deionte Thompson-Would be a good haul but have no clue how likely any of them are. Do think we have a better shot at Thompson than Bama thinks but still grasping at this point

Just a sttange class at this point. Gonna be fun to watch play out because there are so many unknowns. Couldve put different kids at every spot asode from RB and had as good a chance of being right as this one. So many variables out there this year

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
No McFadden?

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re: Your 2015 LSU signing class
Solid post!
With the 15 open spots, I'll guess
RB- Guice
WR- Johnson, Dillon, and Strictland
OL- Would like to see Tillery. If not G. Thomas and Grant B.
DT- Beckner Jr and Moton
DE- Anderson, R. Clemons, and Bates
LB- McGinnis and 1 more
CB- X. Lewis
ATH- Merritt

Just my opinion and who I would like to see in purple and gold.
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