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re: Lawson reasoning for being asked to grey-shirt: ESPN

Another excuse????? sorry, but you dont offer grey shirts to players to yank them later, unless the player truly cannot qualify on grades, This is a lot of smoke thrown up for something thats fairly simple, he has a class he has tried to pass several times, here is the link to the story in the advocate, who seems to have talked to his coach. LINK

Here is the part where he talks about the gradesThe reason for LSU’s sudden hesitancy to take Lawson is the school’s concern over a summer class he took at Denham, Nettles said. Nettles said Lawson made a “D” in the class in question last year, made a “B” over the summer and is now taking the class for a third time.

“I’m 95 percent certain he will be eligible,” Nettles said, “almost 100 percent. There’s no reason to think it’s not (going to count). But they (LSU) thought it might. That’s on them. They know which classes we have him in.”

now i did go to LSU so forgive me if my percentages arent right, but 95 percent sure is not 100 percent. I am 100 percent sure if he signs on feb 6 and then doesnt qualify LSU loses that slot. Again, tell me why a grey shirt is such a bad thing given the circumstances.

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re: Lawson reasoning for being asked to grey-shirt: ESPN
Hope we are not playing a game with this young man. If he wants to be like Elliot Porter he can come in late. But I just wonder if this is happening because the staff knows something everyone else doesn't concerning the #1 player in the country?

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re: Lawson reasoning for being asked to grey-shirt: ESPN

Elliot Porter

Hopefully it doesn't end up like that. Porter looks much happier back at LSU. It's just a grayshirt, he would be on the team in January with a full ride. Technically he doesn't even have to take classes until then and if he did tops or pell grants would pay for a good bit of the costs. Tuition is fairly cheap for instate students, even cheaper when the kid only lives 15-20 minutes away. All he has to do is work out and maybe take some classes for a semester and then he gets all the benefits of playing for LSU. Expert D line coach, expert strength and conditioning coach, some of the best facilities, etc...

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re: Lawson reasoning for being asked to grey-shirt: ESPN
Yes it is very common for studentts to have to retake a class in summer school. I may have misspoke to add to some confusion. It isn't an internet class but a computer class used for credit recovery. I don't know for sure but I'm willing to bet that there are players on the team that have taken a summer school course to replace an F in high school.

I agree with you that he wouldn't play his first year. I also think hope he still goes to LSU.

I disagree that they should offer him and promise him a scholarship and then "delay" it one week before signing date. LSU knew ALL of this before this past week.

I hope that you would think it is BS if it happened to your brother, cousin, or friend. Agreed that I am emotionally involved, still doesn't make it right.

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