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Junior Varsity Team

Why did this part of college football fade away and become extinct? Would it be possible to have a JV team and thereby increase the number of players available to the varsity team, sorta like the farm team in baseball minor league. I am thinking this would allow team to evaluate more talent and if one of the JV proved to be outstanding he could be moved up and if varsity proved to be subpar or injured etc he could be moved to JV. Sure there are reasons this won't work otherwise it would be happening. Just curious and yes your're right i am no expert.

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re: Junior Varsity Team
I want to say some of the Service Academies and Eastern schools may still have these. Isn't that who Hargrave's Prep team plays?

I know scholarship limits pretty much limit the effectiveness of this. The only way it might be of some value is if you could play JV games without burning a redshirt. That would allow your freshman class that isn't phenoms to get some live game experience without wasting a year of their eligibility. JV would have to be almost entirely walkons, and I highly doubt it would be worth the time to deal with all those extra bodies when practice and meeting time is so heavily restricted now anyway.

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re: Junior Varsity Team
Some schools still have it.
LSU's Freshman Team's last year was like 81. The schedule that year was Nicholls, Ole Miss, Houston and Tulane. Bruce Hemphill, a former Tiger receiver was the Coach.

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re: Junior Varsity Team
Also at that time freshman could not play varsity ball,but upperclassmen could play JV ball.Tulane killed us in JV while getting beat in big boy ball.They would play upperclassmen

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re: Junior Varsity Team
Back in the day, freshmen were not eligible to play and the 85-man scholarship limit did not exist. Also, players could not leave early for the draft. Players had 4 years to make themselves attractive to be drafted in the 17 rounds they had back then. The changes in the above factors are why JV teams became obsolete. In those days Tiger Stadium was known as Deaf Valley -- playing off Clemson's Death Valley and stressing how loud it was on Saturday nights. We should return to that name, as Clemson did have Death Valley first.

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re: Junior Varsity Team
Back in the day you could sign as many players as you wanted. Remember Jerry Stovall was the 52nd Scholarship when he signed so today he would not get any consideration and would have to go somewhere else or be a walk on. I think there were years when Bear would sign a 100 players. It could easy to field a Freshman Team with those numbers. Back in the day if you played as a Sophmore you were good.

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re: Junior Varsity Team
There's also something called Sprint Football, with a 172 lb weight limit. LINK

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