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Uncle O's

Thank you for opening up. Gumbo today! Money! Money! Money! What else may you suggest from the menu?

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re: Uncle O's
I went once and had the rb poboy and gumbo. Both were good, although the gumbo was a little oily. Owner was very nice.

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re: Uncle O's
Revisited last night, fist time since they 1st opened. The menu could be right out of 1983, nothing new here, fried seafood, gumbo, salads, chicken fingers etc.. So right off the bat i had a bad attitude, I ordered seafood gumbo and catfish poboy, wife got a sensation salad with grilled shrimp.

BTW, no draft beer, bottles only

I have to say that the menu may be limited, but what they brought us was excellent. I guess they know what they know how to do and stick with it . The gumbo was very flavorful, the catfish crispy, my wife loved her salad.

I'll be back.

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re: Uncle O's
What did you think they were going to do with the menu?

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re: Uncle O's
I work fairly close to it and on about five occasions co-workers have gone and all of them say the food is good and service is horrible. This is always during lunch, not sure if it is any different at night.

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