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re: Anyone Got a Baba Ghanoush Recipe?

I made some today after seeing this thread.

Threw an eggplant in the oven for an hour at 400*, then let it cool, peeled it, and put it in a food processor, put in some garlic, some cumin some tony's and some lemon juice and Tahini.

Came out pretty good. I usually always have an eggplant in the fridge, will be making this more often.

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re: Anyone Got a Baba Ghanoush Recipe?

I realize that, but many Arab restaurants are referred to as Greek. There are Arab dishes you don't find in Greek cuisine and vice versa.

It's two things, marketing and ignorance.

Most Arab places will promote themselves as Greek and Lebanese and most people just assume that the two are interchangeable.

Arabs seek that association with Greek food when they run a restaurant, Greeks, not so much.

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re: Anyone Got a Baba Ghanoush Recipe?
I tried it and f'ed up. I will let the restaurants do this. I suck.

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re: Anyone Got a Baba Ghanoush Recipe?
check out sames club. they have a great pre made dip. and it includes a recipe.

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