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re: OFFICIAL VMA's Award Show Thread


And something else. Were there only like 6 celebrities that attended the VMAs last night? All they kept showing was Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, rihanna, Gaga, Will Smith, and his kid. And MTV crowded them all in the same small section. And it sucked whoever was sitting behind Will Smith and Taylor Swift. Those frickers stood up the entire time
Yeah, definitely looked like they were lacking celebs. Even looking at some of the red carpet pics, the only musicians there were the ones who either performed or got an award. Everybody else was some c-list reality star or musician i've never heard of.

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re: OFFICIAL VMA's Award Show Thread

Anyone see this?

22 Things Miley Cyrus looked like at the VMA's

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re: OFFICIAL VMA's Award Show Thread

Lol the back end of a turkey

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