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Thoughts on Ian Desmond?

Will he come close to matching his 2012 numbers or will he regress to where he was before? Some people think his increase in power was a fluke, but he's a big guy who hits big bombs. He's 27, at his peak, and hitting in a solid lineup. What do you think?

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re: Thoughts on Ian Desmond?

He's definitely more valuable to a team than Trumbo.

Especially a team that already has Tulo.

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re: Thoughts on Ian Desmond?

I don't think his power was a fluke but I can't see him hitting 25 again. Think the average and homers both come down a bit so he will probably be over-drafted.

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re: Thoughts on Ian Desmond?

20/20 potential at a shallow position. I'm buying.

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re: Thoughts on Ian Desmond?

hit's bombs, steals bases and is a SS

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