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re: 120 mm Quiet Case Fan Rec's

i cut power to my front fan and then physically stopped the fan on my vid card (briefly lol) and it was clear as day the 212 is roaring.
i might buy the cougar and if it doesnt fit on the 212 ill stick it in the front of the case

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re: 120 mm Quiet Case Fan Rec's
Yeah I'm going to replace all my fans when I get around to it. I've got mine setup to my tv at the moment and when we sit down to watch a movie it's loud and I have to shut it down. I don't notice it when I'm playing because have my headset on.

Also, I've had to run all my fans at full speed because they're ran straight to pay with molex (except CPU fan). They can with a molex to four pin connector but doesn't fit correctly on any of the four pin chassis fan slots on my mobo. It has kind of a weird plug on the end of it. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I get home.

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re: 120 mm Quiet Case Fan Rec's
I've decided to go with these.

BitFenix Spectre Pro Fans

I can't find a review on them that isn't gushing over them. They move air and stay quiet.

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