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Real Estate Investment - Any Good Books?

I know the concept is pretty simple, but I'm trying to learn from people who have been successful owning real estate properties. Does anyone know of a good book in which someone outlines some of their great successes as well as (more importantly), some of their greatest failures?

Just curious. Thanks in advance.

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re: Real Estate Investment - Any Good Books?
In sure there are popular books put there... But the real talent of the author is writing books not forcasting real estate.

Best way to learn is to just do it... Be smart about it... Don't buy something in an area you know is on the way down... Don't get over leveraged... Start off with a small project and go from there...

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re: Real Estate Investment - Any Good Books?
Any book you purchase is going to be very vague and usually will focus on the concept. Take some courses on appraisal, liabilities, insurance, maintenance and spend time with someone who does it successfully already and learn from them.

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re: Real Estate Investment - Any Good Books?
Start small, start local, learn a few good areas nearby, set up feeds from zillow or local mls. Dont try a 100k flip your girst time out, breaking even or within shouting distance is actually pretty successful 1st attempt. dont buy rental 50 miles away at first.


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