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re: Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380

Yeah she'd probably blame me if she did that to her hand.

Cabelas has Kahr 9mm for $399 that seems like a good deal and I might just go that route. Thanks for the info on the Bersa, definitely changed my mind. Which is good since I knew nothing about them.

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re: Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380


Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380
bapple, don't lie the hand holding that gun above is a tranny right? No woman that is not ray charles daughter would do that bad of a job painting her nails.

Haha! I didn't even notice it. I just snagged the picture from Bing Images.

And Carson

Sport you're definitely making a good decision. Kahr firearms are great and are very slim and perfect for smaller hands.

You can always get it coated too if she insists it be yellow.

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re: Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380

Mine shoots a Colt Detective Special .38, she likes the simplicity of point and shoot. She carried a Glock 19 9mm for awhile, but found it was to "bulky" for her purse. WTF.

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re: Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380

Read the first 5 post and skipped the rest. My experience is that Bersa makes great guns for the price. Going against the first reply my Bersa's, and particularly the 380 Thunders (have multiple), I have are smooth, have never FTF, FTE, or any other malfunction and are very accurate. Almost as accurate at my HKs, every bit as accurate as my Glocks and more accurate than my FNP 9. It's also usually the favorite of guest I bring shooting. They can be had for cheap too if you keep a look out ($200-$250). I even keep one in my truck and treat them like 870s.

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re: Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380

I have ruger 380 lcp great gun fur the price. I hear all these ppl saying they jam. I have never had problem with mine.

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re: Thoughts on the Bersa Thunder 380

As usual, TigerOnTheHill has posted some good advice --- although I don't know why he wussed out on answering your next-to-last question.

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