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re: Are we meant to like Tony Soprano? (Spoilers)


I always liked Tony... until he killed Christopher.

I think when he killed Christopher it made me fully appreciate his character. Christopher changed, and Tony was scared that Christopher would eventually rat everyone out and go into the witness protection program. Tony wasn't going to take that chance, so he did away with a potential problem.

The Soprano's is probably my all time favorite show

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re: Are we meant to like Tony Soprano? (Spoilers)

***some spoilers***

I laughed the first few times he beat up Georgie at the club. But that last time was screwed up. He had made his point, why not just fire the idiot and be done with it?

but in my opinion, it was hard to hate the guy. He tried really hard to be nice to his mom but she was a cunt.

when his buddy kept betting in Season 2, he did what he had to do. His friend may have lost his sporting goods store but it wasn't Tony's fault the guy was a degenerate gambler. he warned his buddy ahead of time before he got in the poker game.

Ralph needed to die, I didn't have a problem with Tony killing him even though he was a big earner.

I can agree that he could be over the top sometimes but I never found myself rooting against him.

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re: Are we meant to like Tony Soprano? (Spoilers)

I think it's supposed to not be an easy call either way, with a natural tendency to dislike strongly but not being able to help yourself from liking him here and there.

FWIW, he's obviously a disgusting human being.

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re: Are we meant to like Tony Soprano? (Spoilers)

I think the reason so many ppl still root for tony, myself included, is the fact that they show so much of his human side. His Dealings with the mob side of his life is just seen as business. His battles with depression, his son's depression, protecting his daughter, conflict with his feelings about his uncle (again business vs family life), etc is what draws us into his character.

I love the sopranos. I love tony. But sometimes I think that if I hadn't had a view into Tony's personal life, and just saw him for what he did in the mob, then the character would be no more than a Phil Leotardo to me.

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re: Are we meant to like Tony Soprano? (Spoilers)

I finally finished up the series and I think Tony Soprano acts as an outlet of all the things we wish we could do. We wish we could bang hot women outside of our relationship whenever we wanted, be flush with 100s at all times, buy exotic cars for our family, live in a mansion, etc. That's why we root for him, Tony Soprano is doing all the things we wish we could do but we know we can't.

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re: Are we meant to like Tony Soprano? (Spoilers)


I disagree with that notion entirely.

How...there's an entire episode in season 2 that deals with how much tony enjoys it. The one where he starts working at barrone sanitation

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