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re: Best hot wings in NOLA


Hooters is not that good.

I agree for the most part. Their wings are hit and miss, usually more miss. I do like the sauce though. It has a good taste to it.

The big complaint I have with their wings is that, like BWW, they tend to be small, and they don't cut the tips off. There's little to eat on the tip. It ends up more like chicken jerky after the wings are fried.

Although, I would love to have a Hooter's here in Lake Charles. We got a Wing Stop a couple months ago and it's a lot better than the BWW here. The size of the wings are good, no wingtips, and the hot has a good taste to it.

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re: Best hot wings in NOLA
Fox and Hound or Wing Zone are the best in Nola. Sorry if they aren't exotic enough.

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re: Best hot wings in NOLA
I think bayou hot wings has some of the best.

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re: Best hot wings in NOLA
I was in a little bar the other night and don't remember the name or even exactly the location but they had great wings. The building next door was PAR I think a construction co and the band was a white guy singing a lot of Al Green.

Anyone? If you know it, try the wings.

What does the owners of Pluckers being Jewish have to do with not opening in New Orleans?

I'm ok with Hooters wings.

I make them at home. Season and deep fry for 15 minutes at 350. Mix three large bottles of Crystal and a stick of butter and warm, toss hot wings in sauce, lay on cookie sheet and set off heat on covered pit to just allow the sauce to set. Eat. I like letting the sauce set.

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re: Best hot wings in NOLA
The ones at Tracey's are my favorite...

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re: Best hot wings in NOLA
How do yall feel about the wings at Cooter Browns? Sorry if already mentioned

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