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re: ND no better than 7th in the SEC

this is all we will here for the next month and a half

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re: ND no better than 7th in the SEC


1) Bama
2) UGA
3) UF
4) LSU
6) USC

Where's ND?

Seriously though.

eta: they're at 6 only bc of usc injuries

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re: ND no better than 7th in the SEC


tard...they'd beat LSU

No, no they wouldn't. See, LSU knows how to win games like that. A field position game with poor redzone offense? Les would feast on that.

While I don't know about 7th, Notre Dame would clearly have issues trying to go 10-2 or better in this conference. UGA, Bama, LSU, Florida- in a bowl, all would scald them. You don't quite get the talent difference until you see it matched up.

See tonight's game? That was a shell of USC's former self. Limited depth, and with a first-time starter at QB. Terrible coaching- poorly coached in terms of just being ready for the season, and absolutely atrocious in-game coaching. And yet, they hung.

SEC big 4- a lot more depth, comparable to better talent across the board (save Fla on offense, but their run game makes up for it), and far better coaching. I'd expect a comfortable final margin for any of the SEC teams in that matchup.

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re: ND no better than 7th in the SEC

Jesus Christ. Every year we have to hear how some slow assed non-SEC team can hang in the SEC and every year it's the same old story. ND could barely beat USC with a backup. A USC team that's as bad as they've been in years. Who have they beaten? Stanford is about the only team worth a damn. Don't give me OU, either. Their schedule is a joke.

ND is not beating Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU or A&M right now. I know some of you are wowed by the shiny undefeated record, but that's not going to be worth shite after the beating they take in January. I'll give them 6th in the SEC at this point.

Again, every year we hear this, whether it's Oklahoma, Ohio State, Oregon, or some other pretender.

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re: ND no better than 7th in the SEC


If Notre Dame played each of those five teams, I think they'd win 1 or fewer games.

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re: ND no better than 7th in the SEC

people like you are the reason non-lsu fans hate lsu

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