Meat grinder recommendations. |
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Meat grinder recommendations.

Looking into grinding my own meat for hamburgers and such. Might be interested in making sausage too. Any recs on a good grinder. I have a kitchen aid mixer but the reviews for the grinder attachment are mixed with many people describing "metal shavings" in the meat. Any other options out there?

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re: Meat grinder recommendations.
ive been in the market too and it seems like everything has reviews just all over the place - unless its a fortune.

havent pulled the trigger. maybe a good thread here will help me.

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re: Meat grinder recommendations.
I don't have specifics on brands, but I would bet that you can buy a small commercial model either online or at a local equipment supply store for cheaper and much better quality than a new home use model. Making sausage is easy and the grinder will give you tons of options for grinding and stuffing...

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re: Meat grinder recommendations.
I picked up this one earlier in the year: LEM Meat grinder.

i use it for ground meat, and making boudin and sausage. i've been very happy so far.

i, like you, considered the KitchenAid attachment. But, the reviews were so mixed that I decided to go with a standalone grinder.

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re: Meat grinder recommendations.
I have one from cabelas. Think I got it on sale for about $70. I have run a few pork butts and a couple deer through it with no problems. Stuffed a few links of sausage too.

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