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re: Anyone just catch Mora

47% aint bad............

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re: Anyone just catch Mora

Afer listening again, basically Gottlieb was saying Vick wasn't buying into what Mora Jr was selling in yeah I'd be pissed too.

Apparently, the Seahawks didn't buy in either. Just sayin'.

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re: Anyone just catch Mora
How the hell does a guard shoot under 50% from the line?

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re: Anyone just catch Mora
Mora should have asked if Gotleibb has stolen anything lately.

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re: Anyone just catch Mora

They both came off looking like a-holes from that interview. But Gottleib pressed him with the whole "you could still be the coach of the falcons." That was gonna strike whoever was doing the interview the wrong way.


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re: Anyone just catch Mora
Billy will laugh his fricking arse off for no reason sometimes.

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re: Anyone just catch Mora

I thought doug came off badly.

Asking Mora if he wishes Vick would have put in so much effort when he coached him and if he could possibly still have a job


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