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Do you even want this team to make the playoffs ?

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BilJ LSU fan5711/26 5:01 am
by SouljaBreauxTellEm

Will the Saints cut Morstead this offseason?

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TigerBait1127 Saints fan2911/26 2:53 am
by TigerBait1127

If Drew Brees is overpaid, what is his price then?

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htran90 Saints fan5411/26 2:30 am
by TigerBait1127

Pretty cool website - Team Tendencies Through Week 12

TigerBait1127 Saints fan211/26 2:26 am
by TigerBait1127

What Did Kenny Vacarro Do?

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FreeState LSU fan3511/26 1:59 am
by TigerBait1127

Drew Brees is useless at this point...too mnany negatives

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GeeOH LSU fan7811/26 1:47 am
by cheapseat

things you wish happen to This team

saintsalwaysnumber1 OhioState fan1111/25 10:57 pm
by htran90

This team DOES need a Coaching purge

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Fun Bunch Saints fan4711/25 10:07 pm
by htran90

The Southern Strategy

kingbob LSU fan1011/25 9:42 pm
by soccerfüt

Time for Sean P to go

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Thib-a-doe Tiger LSU fan19011/25 9:04 pm
by Thib-a-doe Tiger

All 4 division opponents are underdogs this week

LSUzealot Saints fan811/25 6:36 pm
by Hoodoo Man

Saints -4 next MNF against Ravens

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Zipfer2022 Saints fan8711/25 5:44 pm
by lsupride87

Drew Brees is the 2nd Most Pressured QB in the NFL

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TigerBait1127 Saints fan2511/25 5:39 pm
by htran90

Stand up and get crunk! Or stay there and take a nap. (Pics inside)

arseinclarse USA fan511/25 3:50 pm
by Fun Bunch

Tonight confirms it

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htran90 Saints fan2711/25 3:46 pm
by Placebeaux

Looking at the 2015 cap, who may stay, who may go, who may re-sign?

htran90 Saints fan311/25 3:24 pm
by htran90

Bringing back last week's thread: 10th pick or playoffs

htran90 Saints fan411/25 1:49 pm
by TIGERSby10

Give up 180 yards and 2 tds to journeyman RB; Drew Brees' fault

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hendersonshands ULL fan4011/25 1:35 pm
by crash1211

Time to unleash Joe Morgan

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan1711/25 1:34 pm
by Mshargois3

Bunkley believed to have suffered a torn quad per ESPN

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan711/25 1:24 pm
by REG861

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