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Official Game Thread: Saints 0 Buccaneers 0 | Q1

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Hoodoo Man LSU fan3012/28 12:05 pm
by Pilot Tiger

here is to Jr not getting his sack bonus

RaginCajunsULL Saints fan012/28 12:04 pm
by RaginCajunsULL

Vaccaro among Saints inactives today @ TB

rt3 LSU fan1412/28 12:03 pm
by hg

Should the Saints look at drafting Penn State's QB next year?

King of New Orleans LSU fan512/28 12:02 pm
by mmonro3

Just found out Chase Daniel(s) is starting for the Chiefs

Superior Pariah LSU fan412/28 11:57 am
by Pectus

TB QB who is starting today?

Double Oh112/28 11:55 am
by 3HourTour

Amari Cooper on City of New Orleans

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tzimme4 LSU fan4412/28 11:53 am
by Brageous

Saints give Ryan Griffin 2 year extension

BayouBengal0505 Saints fan412/28 11:47 am
by Rand AlThor

Jimmy Graham: Shoulder injury was a battle every game

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fladohado4012/28 11:39 am
by fladohado

Josh Gordon....should we?

LSUWhoDat LSU fan1712/28 11:38 am
by Doug_H

We may need to go 14-2, 15-1 to get home field advantage in the playoffs

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TideSaint Alabama fan10912/28 11:31 am
by crownNbull

Dish TV Question

LC412000 LSU fan512/28 11:27 am
by euquol


BIG CAT LSU fan512/28 11:16 am
by navy

Shane Ray 1st, Duke Williams 2nd, Jalen Collins 3rd...

Gen Patton1612/28 10:24 am

Rob Ryan: "Obviously we drank the Kool-Aid a little bit too much"

Minnesota Tigah1512/28 10:15 am
by TigerBait1127

Rex to SF????

SuperSaint Pelicans fan712/28 10:15 am
by soccerfüt

We're gonna win big tomorrow!!

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3HourTour Saints fan2112/28 8:55 am
by MrPackSix

Do we really have it THAT bad with SJB?

htran90 Saints fan1312/28 7:48 am
by tenderfoot tigah

Would you be okay with a Drew Brees for Cam Newton Straight up trade?

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Hugo Stiglitz USA fan7012/28 1:55 am
by supatigah

Stop trying to get rid of drew!

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tigershark20 LSU fan2912/27 9:21 pm
by DakForHe15man

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