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Official Game Thread: Saints 23 Buccaneers 20 | FINAL

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Hoodoo Man LSU fan72912/28 3:17 pm
by lsuhunt555

Could be that the Bucs intentionally TANKED in the 2nd half?

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Champagne Saints fan2012/29 2:09 am
by Patron Saint

13th Pick does come with some value available in recent years.

partywiththelombardi Saints fan412/29 2:04 am
by Brightside Bengal

Wesley Mcgriff taking job w Vandy

Chad504boy Saints fan1812/29 1:58 am
by bonethug0108

The Falcons locker room is flooding with sewage

BigBrod81 LSU fan1112/29 1:07 am
by jennyjones

First mock with set draft order: CBS

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LSUZombie Saints fan2112/29 1:05 am
by jennyjones

In all seriousness, has Drew's time come and gone?

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JS87 Saints fan7512/29 12:44 am
by KindaRaw

What 2015 NFL Free Agent do you want the most?

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WicKed WayZ Saints fan5012/29 12:36 am
by KindaRaw

I never want to hear Brees and 'elite' mentioned in the same sentence again

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REG861 Vandy fan8412/29 12:08 am
by bountyhunter

Well we beat the champion of the best division in football

BigDawg0420 USA fan612/29 12:08 am
by Cleanmatt


speckhead1612/28 11:27 pm
by TigerBait1127

Khiry > Ingram

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lsuguru LSU fan6012/28 11:27 pm
by Big EZ Tiger

Rex Ryan DC should we....

Tigeralltheway112/28 10:57 pm
by pookiebear

Is it time for Patty to come back?

tunechi Pelicans fan112/28 10:55 pm
by Kafka

Anybody expecting a "bombshell" in the next few days?

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lsutigers1992 Saints fan3112/28 10:27 pm
by TutHillTiger

Sign Rainey for next season

tubucoco Saints fan1212/28 10:23 pm
by tubucoco

Saints woes and what we need

TutHillTiger LSU fan012/28 10:16 pm
by TutHillTiger

FYI FWIW Saints would have picked 9th had they lost today

L.A. Saints fan1012/28 10:14 pm
by Riseupfromtherubble

Did anyone comment on the decision to go for it on 4th down?

msutiger LaTech fan812/28 10:09 pm
by Big EZ Tiger

Look directly into the red light

FleuryNipples Saints fan212/28 10:00 pm
by BigBrod81

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