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Official Game Thread: Saints 7 Buccaneers 20 | Q3

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Hoodoo Man LSU fan42912/28 2:15 pm
by lovinLSU

I never want to hear Brees and 'elite' mentioned in the same sentence again

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REG861 Vandy fan3212/28 2:15 pm
by saderade

Some of you complaining make no sense

htran90 Saints fan812/28 2:14 pm
by htran90

Brees and his ipad

ToulatownTiger SLU fan712/28 2:14 pm
by ToulatownTiger

This team is more talented and can be better than our SB team

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oncealurker Saints fan3812/28 2:14 pm
by navy

Khiry > Ingram

lsuguru LSU fan1712/28 2:14 pm
by Tigers2010

I've been following Goodwin closely in this game.

TheBob Oregon fan1412/28 2:13 pm
by LSUZombie

Time to be real

BIG CAT LSU fan112/28 2:13 pm
by GCTiger11

All that I care about is Brees getting a TD pass

AlaTiger LSU fan1212/28 2:13 pm
by Ignignot

Why are the starters in today??

Ignignot LSU fan1212/28 2:12 pm
by Laaz2750

Brees still has great touch on the deep ball

LSUZombie Saints fan1612/28 2:09 pm
by LSUZombie

Drew is a certified tank driver.

blackandgolddude Saints fan612/28 2:09 pm
by patches_ohoulihan

I Love the Saints!

geauxtigers87 USA fan112/28 2:09 pm
by Prominentwon

Great job guys

BIG CAT LSU fan1012/28 2:08 pm

Brees has gone full not a shite given mode

guttata LSU fan912/28 2:07 pm
by Jake88

Laugh your arse off thread

Breesus Saints fan912/28 2:06 pm
by Tiger Nation 84

Drew = GOAT tanker

GEAUXT Saints fan012/28 2:03 pm

2015 Official Draft Talk Thread

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NamariTiger2212/28 2:01 pm
by Sho Nuff

8 pictures of Drew Brees this season.

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Breesus Saints fan2612/28 2:01 pm
by Breesus

It's time

BILLFISHER22 LSU fan612/28 2:01 pm
by JeffG20

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