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#1 ESPN play of the day: Fournette's run

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monsterballads3311/28 9:59 am
by RMLtiger

Wilson and speedy exchange at end of game

mwmasse LSU fan1511/28 10:00 am
by Tigers2010

Loved the new offense

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boxcar willie LSU fan3611/28 10:00 am
by Patrick_Bateman

I'm proud of the way Jennings has handled himself

siliconvalleytiger LSU fan411/28 9:59 am
by lsusportsman2

Worst LSU Team in 15 Years goes 8-4/4-4

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AlaTiger LSU fan2211/28 9:59 am
by lsu2006

To those who are so upset with the state of LSU football.

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tigerfan5803 LSU fan2211/28 9:59 am
by timm6971463

LSU Should be Playing TODAY

SportsGuyNOLA LSU fan1411/28 9:58 am
by Dalosaqy

Not really a rival LSU/A&M

radpactiger LSU fan911/28 9:58 am
by EmperorGout

Where has that offense been?

TheCaterpillar LSU fan711/28 9:57 am
by TheCaterpillar

anyone here feel better about jennings?

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animalcracker LSU fan6011/28 9:56 am
by Tigrwatchr

And with that, the LSU regular season is over

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okietiger USA fan4711/28 9:56 am
by Kino74

Why did Miles kick a FG with 12 seconds left?

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tubucoco Saints fan7711/28 9:55 am
by alajones

Jamal Adams appreciation thread...

Tiger Nation 84 LSU fan511/28 9:52 am
by Katy Tiger

Frank Wilson- candidate at Troy?

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coach20128311/28 9:50 am
by Tigers'Mojo

Was on first row behind LSU bench tonite. Blown away by Jamal Adams

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Jesus Prejean LSU fan2911/28 9:48 am
by TigerSaint1

Why don't we just say frick it and pull a Navy and go full Triple Option

Korali LSU fan1211/28 9:45 am
by PiscesTiger

Honestly didn't know Jennings was that fast. The new O suits him well.

The Mick LSU fan811/28 9:45 am
by Dizz

Question for the gurus - why don't our break away runs take it to the house more

Methuselah LSU fan011/28 9:44 am
by Methuselah

Our wr dont give enough effort in run blocking

C LSU fan1011/28 9:37 am
by GeeOH

Miles wants a Trophy for the aTm Game

WPBTiger USA fan1611/28 9:33 am
by Methuselah

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