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Official Music City Bowl Prediction Thread - #22 LSU vs Notre Dame

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tigerfan5803 LSU fan11312/28 5:54 pm
by dbt_Geaux_Tigers_196

Will this be Jennings Last Shot?

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5Alive LSU fan8112/28 6:34 pm
by RoDee

Thomas thinks Robinson is back next season

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan212/28 6:33 pm
by Captain Crown

Another rookie in NFL from LSU doing well

tigerskin LSU fan412/28 6:33 pm
by lsusportsman2

Jennings "I don't feel like I'm in competition at all"

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TrueTigerTale8312/28 6:32 pm
by ItNeverRains

Jalen Collins and Vadal Alexander NFL grade

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The Truth 34 LSU fan2812/28 6:32 pm
by Captain Crown

Quarterman's improvement

Tiger Ugly LSU fan312/28 6:32 pm
by burgeman

Beckham and Landry finish 1 and 2 Rookie Reception leaders

TutHillTiger LSU fan412/28 6:31 pm
by TigerAlum93

Frank Herron Beast?

bearhc LSU fan112/28 6:30 pm
by IowaTigerHawk

LSU gatherings in Nashville

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BugaPainTrain7 Miami(FL) fan2312/28 6:28 pm
by BoogahEatah

Russell Shepard is in the NFL because of CLM

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TigerFan244 LSU fan5912/28 6:20 pm
by blackjackjackson

It's 04 and we need a new head coach, knowing what you know now, do you hire LM?

tigbit LSU fan1912/28 6:20 pm
by ZereauxSum

I heard there were billboards up thanking LSU fans, anyone can

RealBayouTigers LSU fan212/28 6:07 pm
by Tigerik

386rec---4859yds---27tds -- WRU & it's not close

Schmelly1512/28 5:47 pm
by Schmelly

Odell Beckham - The Future of the NFL

tadelatt LSU fan512/28 5:43 pm
by IowaTigerHawk

Josh Gray update

The Truth 34 LSU fan512/28 5:42 pm
by The Truth 34


The Hurricane LSU fan012/28 5:31 pm
by The Hurricane

Matt Flynn time!

Tiger Nation 84 Saints fan1612/28 5:24 pm
by S

NFL kicking football?

Tigrwatchr LSU fan612/28 5:09 pm
by Tigrwatchr

Nashville Recs on Gameday

geauxfish24 LSU fan812/28 4:55 pm
by TigerintheNO

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