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PIC: Oklahoma Asst Coach Rips Nick Saban On Twitter

Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy took a shot at Alabama head coach Nick Saban on Twitter Wednesday morning. It was in reference to the proposed “10-second rule”, which Saban was in favor of, and a shot at the Crimson Tides' loss to the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl...

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vodkacop - 5 months ago
Jeebus haven't these Gundy boys had enough? There's no reason to be this jealous and bitter. We all know it was a Saban Rule but these 2 idiots love to trash the SEC, so now we, LSU fans and every other fan of any SEC team, except Ar-kansas, now must defend our brand and defend Saban. Just makes me feel all dirty inside.
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ParrishGore - 5 months ago
Stupidity reins at Oklahoma. Ignorance for attacking the SEC. He Gundy hasn't the intellect to realize it was a Saban thing and not an SEC thing.
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horndog - 5 months ago
I dont get the SEC comment. Les didnt want that. That was all Saban.
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