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Steve Spurrier Named Most Hated Coach

South Carolina's Steve Spurrier was named most hated coach of all-time by Here's why...

"1. Steve Spurrier: Rival fans hated Spurrier not only because he beat them so often while coaching at Florida, but more so because he loved to tell them about it afterward. From Spurrier’s famous jabs like “Free Shoes U.” and “Can’t Spell Citrus Without UT,” the Old Ball Coach gave rival fans myriad reasons to dislike him. "
The rest of their top ten looks like this...

2. Woody Hayes
3. Barry Switzer
4. Jimmy Johnson
5. Lane Kiffin
6. Bobby Petrino
7. Urban Meyer
8. Jackie Sherrill
9. Jim Tressel
10. Rich Rodriguez

You can read the reasons for each coach here.
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adavis - 26 months ago
How did Tommy Tubberville not make that list? Most LSU fans don't hate Nick Saban. The real fans respect him for what he did for the university.
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UFMatt - 26 months ago
Notice none of these guys are LOSERS, except maybe Kiffin LOL
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St Augustine - 26 months ago
Saban is always pretty classy in victory and defeat. Can't hate greatness.
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harmonics - 26 months ago
Most people outside of LSU and some media, don't have a problem with Nick Saban. Most people actually respect the man.
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NocturnalTiger - 26 months ago
I would think Saban is rocketing up the list...
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