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And This Week's Terrible Tattoo Is...

On TNT's "Inside the NBA" Shaquille O'neal threw down a challenge that if anyone got a tattoo of Charles Barkley kissing Referee Dick Bavetta at the 2007 All-Star Game, he would give them $1000. Here's the picture of the tat and the original pic that inspired it....

The leg you're looking at is Emmet Bentley's, who is a bartender in Santa Barbara, CA. He said...

"I have a couple of ridiculous tattoos already, and this seemed pretty harmless, especially with the possibility of getting a grand from Shaq, so I was immediately into it, no second thoughts. I Facebooked the link to my tattoo artist, and he was down, so we scheduled the appointment for 2pm Saturday, and the rest is history.
I think it’s really funny all the attention it’s getting, I’m stoked I was the first one to respond, I’m sure I won’t be the last."
He is still waiting on his money from Shaq.
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SM6 - 31 months ago
That looks like Barkley?
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