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re: Anybody here every slaughter livestock? - CookieTiger
I'd love to get my hands on those b_st_rds. We had goats (22 at one time) but sold the whole lot. Too much trouble. We did slaughter a few. Saia's Mandeville made great green onion and italian sausages. Mix pound of sausage with lean (plain) ground beef. No seasoning necessary ---- mighty good ...
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re: WINE & BOILED CRAWFISH - CookieTiger
Thanks. Well at least it won't be expensive :cheers:...
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OK - I like frigid cold beer with mine. But some folks want wine (whining for wine....) Is there a type of wine that goes with this? I thought maybe a white (maybe pinot grigio). Or a spritzer. Any ideas? Requested for my husband's family --- not mine..... :usa:...
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re: New Mike the Tiger commercial - CookieTiger
I went to [b]You Tube - 2013 Capital One Mascot Challenge: Laser[/b] Sorry - I am (as you probably guessed) no computer whiz. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Video Tour of Shaq's Motor Home - CookieTiger
If he can "fit" in that Buick, this is a piece of cake. But I thought it would be much higher inside. ...
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re: Anyone mix ground sausage w beef for burgers? - CookieTiger
We use Italian or green onion [b]goat sausage [/b] Since the sausage is pretty spicy, you just have to add plain ground round, bread crumbs, Lea & Perrins. Mix together and grill the burgers. :cheers:...
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Porter and Lukes Old Metairie LA - CookieTiger
Anybody eat here yet? We did on Saturday for lunch. Looks like a good menu. Fried eggplant and grilled Portobello's were good. I am not a big fan of strawberry doberge cake, but theirs was very light & tasty like [u]real[/u] strawberries. They should market this cake if they bake it there. Litt...
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re: Why do older fans bring so much shite to the games with them? - CookieTiger
Considering these are probably some of the folks that sat on wooden bleachers before there were super-sized scoreboards. My dad carried his LSU bag -- inside was program for that day's game, his copy of roster from beginning of season, binoculars, head phone radio. Then when LSU started using the ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: LSU Clarifies Television Decision for NCAA Regional - CookieTiger
Big Texan - I agree. I am ready to approach DirecTV complaining about how my prices (like yours) are high to begin with and not offering unbiased sports coverage --- Big 10, 12, ACC. Yet they are offering sweet deals to newcomers. When you threaten to leave & disconnect them, they find a "supervi...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Must-Try Restaurants in San Francisco - CookieTiger
If you like GARLIC --go to the STINKING ROSE in San Francisco --- even Garlic Ice Cream...... If the CHOP HOUSE is still open in Napa ---- don't bother going....
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re: Best root beer? - CookieTiger
[b]Birch Root Beer[/b] was from [b]Royal Castle [/b] chain. Little burgers with onions (called 'sliders' today). Biggest thrill at Royal Castle was when Richard Nixon was inaugurated as president, burgers cost a nickel a piece on that day --- 20 burgers for $1.........
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re: SE GA crawfish- finally- going to boil tonight - CookieTiger
I am sorry, but I gotta ask ---- does Woodbine GA still do it's crawfish festival? Many years ago we went ---- very strange --- salted crawfish (no other seasonings) -- clog dancing -- and sweet tea........ :rotflmao:...
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re: Best root beer? - CookieTiger
New Frostop in Covington is awful. Even with their "smaller" mug on the roof. I doubt it will stay open a year. And you are right... Root beer was nasty too. Burgers & fries not same either. Chimes is right around the corner and Popeye's next door- no way Frostop will make it HERE!...
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Bloody Mary - CookieTiger SMAK Bar - Telluride CO ---- a bit of overkill....
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re: When and Why did you become an LSU Tiger? - CookieTiger
Dad (BA & MS @ LSU) - Mike I's first student caretaker ---He bough four (4) season tickets in 1950. I still have the same seats. Wish I had a tickets from way back then. I do remember prices in the 80's being around $18 or so. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: directv 646 for tonights game in South Alabama - CookieTiger
I am in Covington, LA and called DirecTV to be sure that I won't be blacked out. Some sports show is on now. CSR assured me that I will be able to watch it --- hope she is right !!! DirecTV has been know to be a PITA. :cheers:...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: LSU clothing collectors- blazer - CookieTiger
That's like the one we buried my dad in. In 1997 the funeral home never had held a themed wake. This one was mostly purple & gold with a jazz band. I do have his rings and LSU jewelry. :cheers:...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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Baseball RV Parking - CookieTiger
Just asking to verify argument... Does LSU allow for RV parking on campus for baseball weekends? I say "no" unless you go to Farr Park ???? Who wins ????...
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re: Rambling Memories of Coffee (photo) - CookieTiger
Ahhhhhh --- but where's the chickory? IMO - it ain't coffee unless the spoon can almost stand up by itself. Of course, I sometimes wimp out and add milk. You & your wife look like you're having fun. We've recently retired. Trying to get all things done around house and such so that we can start ...
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re: Coaches Passed on BCS Bowl - CookieTiger
[i]He told me that the coaches didn't want to go to a BCS bowl.[/i] Excuse me --- maybe if they tried to go to the bigger bowls ([b]ie: $$$$$[/b]) the ticket holders would feel a little better about prices & fees going up every year. But to just decide "they" want to settle for smaller bowls. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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