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Favorite team:Texas A&M 
Location:kyle, tx
Interests:A&M football, texas hold 'em poker, reading, movies, drinking good beer, and seeing a good metal show
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Recent Posts

re: 2016 Recruiting Discussion - dead money
You would hope that this doesnt mess with Mark Jackson who is a big time stud at DE already in the fold. But Beitiku is a fricking monster. He absolutely murders people in his film. Hopefully we get 'Wole, keep Jackson and convince Alton Robinson to transition to linebacker (hes also a great prospect...
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re: 2017 Recruiting Discussion - dead money
It's kind of a shocker, but give Texas and Baylor credit.... they're reeling in some nice 2017 kids early. Are they flip candidates? Sure.....but nobody likes to recruit knowing you're behind. I honestly think Carson committed because Texas is super thin on talent at DE and they're missing on every ...
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re: Remember Thomas Johnson? Sad Situation... - dead money
[quote] Sad situation? He fricking killed a guy who was out jogging apparently for no reason. I just got back from my run. Guess I'm lucky to be alive. in truth, he clearly wasn't right in the head and its on us that he wasn't confined given involuntary treatment for his own well being. Now a g...
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re: Playboy will no longer include pics of nekkid women - dead money
It'll be the death of the magazine. Sales are down, but porn is just so easy to acquire that it was inevitable. YET, what made them unique is their centerfolds, and celebrities who were showcased. I dont see Kim Kardashion or Denise Richards agreeing to do a Hustler spread, do you? ...
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re: Astros vs Yankees - dead money
We are gonna bitchstomp the Yankees.....cant fricking wait for this. :pimp:...
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re: The Pulse: Season 2, Episode 5 (Arkansas Game Recap) - dead money
Pause it on 7:21 and you'll see a Heisman pose as beautiful as any :bow:...
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re: 2016 Recruiting Discussion - dead money
Speights has had 3 games over 300 yards this year. RGV competition sucks donkey balls but hes definatly not playing down to his competition. OU offered him yesterday as well. ...
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re: Let's talk about State - dead money
State has decent playmakers, but they also had a lot of seniors who contributed a lot last year and now that theyre gone, theyre just a ghost of their former selves. This matchup wont be easy though and we still have to get better on defense to have a shot here. ...
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re: Kicking Issues - dead money
Is it just me or does it seem like Bertolet is better at an angle? 2012 PATs and some missed FGs have been all from in the center... why doesnt Sumlin just accept hes better on the left hash inside of the middle?...
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re: Our problem is that we have no identity as a team - dead money
I'm going to go against the grain here and say that this is Spav's best called game since I can remember him taking the role. He pretty much maximized the time he had since Arkansas hogged --no pun intended-- the ball 2/3 of the game. Allen had a stellar game, and he made the most with the talent Ch...
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re: Today just - dead money
The 2 glaring problems sticking its ugly head out is 1) pass protection and 2) red zone offense. Both were not impressive today, imo Im not too worried about the defense, but it seemed we took plays off in the 2nd half. Hate to see that become a habit. ...
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re: Replace Spavital Thread - dead money
Kingsbury was leagues better, imo Spav wasnt awful today, but not great by any means.... ...
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re: What movie could you watch over and over and over.... - dead money
Casino Empire Strikes Back Rounders and of course...... Porn. :nana:...
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re: Myles Garrett -"ridiculous first step burst and finish" - dead money
[quote]He was timing the count all night. And that is NOT a knock on his abilities. Dude was a man among boys. ASU's QB or OC or someone was a total idiot for letting the clock get under 5 seconds before snapping so much. You can't do that vs a talent like Garrett. If he knows when the ball is go...
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re: Let's take a moment and fap over Donovan Wilson - dead money
Too soon. :) But... his recruitment was a little bizarre. Alabama and A&M jumped on him about the same time really late out of the blue. No real SEC interest before his senior year, but i guess being a turnover producing bad arse motherfricker will change that rep in a hurry. Glad we landed this k...
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re: 2016 Recruiting Discussion - dead money
[quote]Are any recruits attending tomorrow ?[/quote] A few of our commits and a lot of high priority 2017 guys are expected. ...
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re: 2016 Recruiting Discussion - dead money
Thats a pretty excellent analysis on who we are (and should be) going after. The Drake Davis insert is a suprise.....its been thrown around that we are recruiting him but, not sure how serious we are with him. DT is not a a critical need but to play in the SEC you always need mass depth on your line...
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re: Porn actress tricked into giving oral to her brother through glory hole, sues... - dead money
:lol: its a fricked up story, but hilarious to the max...
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re: How to get away with a DUI. - dead money
[quote]If you know you're drunk, refuse to blow. But don't admit to drinking, or say you haven't been drinking. Just say "if you gotta take me to jail, take me to jail". It takes 15 min to get you to station, another 30-40 min to prepare the machine that you blow in. Right when they get it ready, te...
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