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Celtic fan video

So I know 95% of you hate Celtic with a passion reserved for people who actually live in Scotland and watch the SPL regularly but here is an, awesome in my opinion, video of Celtic fans continuing to cheer and support their team even as they get scored on. Enjoy…. or not

Let the Celtic hate begin.

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re: Celtic fan video
I don't really hate them but I guess that's because I'm Scots-Irish but I don't particularly follow them either.

I will say this that they share YNWA with Liverpool so I'll give that at least so we have common ground.
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re: Celtic fan video
I like Celtic, and i think most would have agreed before TN Bhoy became annoying as frick and everyone started hating them because of it

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re: Celtic fan video

TN Bhoy became annoying as frick and everyone started hating them because of it

problem is most celtic fans there are delusional like him.

Everytime i talk soccer with an english person over here and i say celtic they say frick celtic

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re: Celtic fan video
I thought this video was fantastic.

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