Another poisonous fish to worry about |

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Another poisonous fish to worry about


Saw a post on LASM about the Leatherjacket fish,aka skipjack, shoemaker and crazyfish.
I'm sure most of you offshore guys have had to deal with them but this guy caught one around Bayou Lacombe in a castnet.


While throwing my cast net I caught why I thought was a Pogie. It was a little shorter than a Pogie and was really slimy feeling. As I went to pull it out it stuck me. I think it was one of its bottom fins. TOU TALK ABOUT BURN?!?! I figured it would be like a catfish and go away in a few mins. Here it is over 2 hours later and my thumb is still swollen up and it still burns like I was just stuck a few mins ago

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re: Another poisonous fish to worry about

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