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re: "Deion Sanders could have shut down Megatron" --Jerry Jones

Was that Bo?

ETA: OK, I said he was a good DB. I'll take that back, he was a great DB, but more of a threat, and I think the best return man ever.

I watched him through his years with the Falcons. Unless his cover skills improved, the Saints would through in his direction and get completions. Deion's greatest asset was his speed. A Saint WR would make a catch with a step or two on Deion, but Deion would catch him in no less than 10 yards.

I think it was Poole who caught a post pattern on Deion and Deion didn't catch him. I was surprised to say the least. I guess he had speed, but didn't run good routes etc. Also, I think he was the Saint who beat some guy with a golf club, someone help me here.

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